Diesel engine as propulsion

Today, most marine ships are built with a diesel engine. Which is the primary propulsion and engine for the boat. The marine diesel engine will be coupled with the propeller together with a reduction gearbox. Fornæs Ship Recycling has Northern Europe’s largest warehouse of used marine diesel engines and uses reduction gearboxes here.

At present, Fornæs Ship Recycling has around 370 marine diesel engines, 220 reduction gearboxes and 80 thrusters in stock. You will find the large warehouse in Grenaa at Fornæs Ship Recycling.

The various marine diesel engines can e.g. be manufactured by Caterpillar, Cummins or Detroit. There are also Danish manufacturers of diesel engines such as Alpha, Bukh, Grenaa and Callesen. Also the manufacturers Deutz, MWM, Volvo, Scania, Wartsila, MaK and wichmann, which are also very well known marine propulsion diesel engines today.

Today, an engine is considered to be a physical system that uses power to transmit energy that causes something to move. This can, among other things, be a car engine which further sends energy from petrol or diesel, and causes wheels to turn round via the wheel axle. Today, machines can be powered by different elements.

It can, among other things, be humans and animals, furthermore it can also be powered by natural elements such as wind, water and sunlight.

Most engines today are propelled by chemical or thermal forces. Due to global warming, we humans are in the process of converting most engines to be electrically powered. The goal here is that it is the natural forces that must create the resources from which the electronics must be formed.


The old power sources for motors


If we start all the way back from the beginning, it was humans and animals that were the major effort as power sources and acted as an engine.

Around 300 BC was the first power source for an engine, from a water wheel. A water wheel worked by the flowing water from a water source causing the large wheel to turn. When the big water wheel started turning, it created energy for the old farmers, who used the energy to grind grain and do carpentry.

In modern times, we don’t call it water wheels, but water turbines that flow through a dam and then drive an electric generator.

Today we also use the wind as a power source to drive a motor today. The wind turbine works by capturing wind power with its long blades, which then get momentum in the turbine. This creates a certain energy which is created into electricity.

The sustainable engine for the future

We must all see the sustainable engine as the future for all of us. We are becoming more and more aware of the future and the world we leave behind. Therefore, it is important that our power source for our motors comes from natural resources such as wind, water and sunlight.

So whether you are looking for a boat engine or a car engine, we are moving towards a sustainable future and this also has its impact on the various engines. Today, the various engines must have a natural source of energy which must be the drive, in order to make the green transition.